Taking the Lead in Food Safety, Quality and Selection

We don't just sell raisins - we sell a promise.

We promise to deliver safe, quality products packed to order, according to each customer specification.

We offer a wide selection of raisins and raisin products, both conventional and organic. We sell to customers all around the world, and take great pride in delivering premium raisin products to many of the world’s largest ingredient buyers, bakers, re-packers, confectioners, and cereal manufacturers. From the simplest specification to the most strict, we work closely with our customers to be sure to deliver what is needed.

Victor Guaranteed Organic

"Victor Guaranteed Organic" raisins are grown using healthful, sustainable, and environmentally friendly production methods. We have grown raisins organically since 1928, and are a market leader in organic raisins.

Our organic raisins are USDA and CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) certified organic, and are grown without synthetic chemicals or artificial fertilizers. They are dried naturally by the sun, delivered to our processing facility, and packed per customer specification.

Our Products

Natural Seedless

Sun-dried seedless raisins, available in select, midget, and jumbo sizes, and in conventional and organic.

Golden Seedless

Tunnel-dried seedless raisins, treated with sulfur dioxide, available in select and jumbo sizes.

Crimson Sulfured

Tunnel-dried Crimson seedless raisins, treated with sulfur dioxide, available in jumbo size.


Sun-dried or tunnel-dried Flame seedless raisins, available in medium and jumbo sizes, and in conventional and organic.

Zante Currant

Sun-dried Zante Currant seedless raisins, very dark color and very small size, available in conventional and organic.

Raisin Paste

Ground natural seedless raisins, available in fine, medium, and coarse grind sizes, and in conventional and organic.

Raisin Juice Concentrate

Concentrated water extract of natural seedless raisins.


Blended Golden Seedless, Crimson Sulfured, and Natural Seedless raisins, available in jumbo size.

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