About Us

We Produce the World's Finest Raisins

Victor Packing produces the world’s finest conventional and organic raisins. We are proud to offer the widest selection of high-quality California raisins and raisin products to ingredient raisin buyers, bakers, re-packers, confectioners, and cereal manufacturers.

Our company is vertically integrated, with operations spanning the entire raisin production process. We grow, manufacture, process, pack, market, and ship raisins around the world. With greater control over these processes, we are able to produce a superior product.

A Family Tradition of Innovation Since 1928

We were raised to produce raisins. For four generations, the Sahatdjian family has grown raisins in California's San Joaquin Valley.

Our company is nearly 90 years old, but we're different because our ideas are new. We continuously explore and implement innovative technologies in growing, processing, and packing raisins to produce better raisins and raisin products for our customers.

Practicing Sustainability

Our commitment to organic is about providing healthful foods to customers, maintaining ecological balance on our farms, and creating a sustainable farm environment that will last for generations to come. Because we are a family company, our vision extends beyond the present for a better future.

Our commitment to the environment extends beyond our farming practices and is clearly evident in both our office and raisin processing facility. In 2012, we installed a solar system to power our entire office. We have also initiated a facility-wide recycling program and replaced our diesel-powered plant generator with a cleaner natural gas generator. We believe it is our responsibility to continuously improve and evolve our practices and facility infrastructure to benefit both our customers and the environment.

Giving Voice to Young Farmers

How we craft our food matters. Who crafts our food matters, too. Without a concerted effort to recruit and encourage young people into farming, these types of success stories could become less common in the future.

We Choose to Be Better

We are committed to operating responsibly. This goes beyond operating in an environmentally friendly capacity and producing products that benefit our customers. We've worked hard to build a world-class workplace, with worker safety at the forefront. Our employees also enjoy competitive compensation and benefits packages. We strive to operate ethically and fairly to benefit our customers, employees and the community.